Knightia Fossil Fish

Eocene, 48 MYA
Location: Wyoming, USA
Formation: Green River

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These Knightia fossils were quarried on private land in Wyoming, and date back to about 55 to 35 million years ago!

Size: Small: 1 - 2 inch fish, Large: 2 - 3 inch fish

What were Knightia?

Knightia were freshwater fish that lived in North American lakes during the Eocene, and likely fed on other small fish and algae. They are one of the most common fossils found in the Green River formation, which spans modern day Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. This area is famous for its sedimentary deposits and fish fossils that give paleontologists a peak into our not-so-distant past.

Sometimes, while digging in the Green River formation, paleontologists find abnormally high amounts of fish fossils. These layers are known as “mass mortality layers” and usually indicate some sort of external force that caused a mass death in the fish population!

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