Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the fossils on this website real?

Yes! Fossils are actually a lot more common than some may think, and even items like dinosaur teeth can occur very frequently in the fossil record. Therefore, it's possible for them to be purchased by the general public. With the help of our in-house paleontologist, we ensure that all the fossils that we sell are genuine!

Where do these fossils come from?

Our fossils are sourced from around the world, while obeying local regulations on the excavation and exportation of fossils. In the U.S., only fossils collected on privately owned land can be sold (generally speaking).

We source our fossils directly from the people who excavated them whenever possible, in order to keep our prices reasonable and to have a clear idea of our fossils' origins.

Don't these fossils belong in a museum?

Actually, not all fossils are museum grade! While rare or exceptionally well preserved fossils warrant being displayed in a museum or studied by professionals, many are instead common enough to be owned by anyone. An incredible amount of living things have become fossilized over billions of years of life on Earth, and only a small portion of these fossils really justify academic study.

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