Extinct Crocodile Tooth

Cretaceous, 145 to 66 MYA
Location: Morocco
Formation: Kem Kem Beds

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These teeth come from prehistoric crocodile species that lived alongside dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period. These crocodiles looked mostly the same as the modern ones we know today, with the exception being that they were much larger!

Each tooth is unique, and will show some signs of repair (cracks, small chips, etc).

Size: Approximately 2cm

What were Cretaceous crocodiles like?

Crocodiles were abundant in the Cretaceous period. They were relatively comparable to modern crocodiles—however, prehistoric crocs were generally much larger than those that live today. Their diets, habitats, and hunting practices have stayed largely consistent throughout time (minus eating dinosaurs, of course!).

Crocodiles have one of the most successful body plans of any animal in Earth's history. They evolved from a group called Phytosaurs, then gradually morphed to resemble modern crocs in the Jurassic. Those that arose in later in the Cretaceous were the most recognizable by today's standards.

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