Cainotherium Jaw Fragment

Oligocene, 33.9 to 23.03 MYA
Location: France
Formation: Quercy Phosphorites

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These tiny jaw fragments come from the rabbit sized herbivore known as Cainotherium, which lived approximately 30 million years ago. They were excavated in France, and feature intact teeth still attached!

Size: Approximately 0.5 inches long

What was Cainotherium?

Cainotherium Recreation

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Cainotherium are an extinct genus of even-toed ungulates that lived from the Eocene to the early Miocene. These herbivores were about rabbit sized, and belonged to a suborder of Artiocactyl. Other even-toed ungluates include swine, camels, deer, and bovines, while odd toed ungulates include tapirs and rhinoceroses and famously gave rise to the modern horse.

Cainotherium's teeth shape suggest they had diets similar to that of rabbits. While their hooves are similar to deer, the length and shape of their limbs leads paleontologists to believe they moved by leaping like rabbits too. Judging by their  brain shape and developed ear bones, they likely had decent hearing and a great sense of smell too.

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