Allosaurus Tooth, 13 mm

Jurassic , 155-145 MYA
Location: Washakie County, WY
Formation: Morrison Formation

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This listing is for the EXACT TOOTH shown in the photos above! It measures  13 millimeters from end to end. Display case is included!

This tooth comes from Allosaurus, a genus of carnivorous dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic. It was one of the first well known theropod dinosaurs, a classification that also includes Tyrannosaurus and raptors

This tooth fossil from Washakie County, WY was found in the Morrison Formation, an area in which Allosaurus was on the top of the food chain. It likely preyed upon large herbivores, though it may have targeted other predators as well. Its dozens of serrated teeth and 28 foot (8.5 meter) length would have made Allosaurus a formidable opponent for any dinosaur.

Allosaurus skeleton
An Allosaurus skeleton (Source:

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