About Us

Fossil Hoard is dedicated to bringing you unique and ethically sourced fossils from around the world.

We strive to offer a variety of both common and lesser known specimens, and our in-house paleontologist provides expert insight into making sure each item we obtain is genuine. Our custom made display boxes have been designed to tastefully compliment any fossil, and are only available on our site!

Meet our founders:

  • Casey Campbell


    Born and raised in southern California, Casey has been a lifelong collector of coins, fossils, and other curiosities. He founded History Hoard and Fossil Hoard in order to share these interests with the world, from a belief that the best way to learn about the past is by holding it.

  • Evelyn Vollmer


    Evelyn Vollmer is a natural history scientist who specializes in digitizing museum collections. She works in the Idaho Virtualization Laboratory where she collaborates with institutions to make their collections available to the public and researchers online. She’s passionate about science communication and education through social media.

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