Mylobatis Ray Teeth

Eocene, 56 to 33.9 MYA
Location: Morocco

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These tooth plate fragments come from an extinct species of eagle ray called Myliobatis dixoni. You will receive three fragments with each order!

Size: Each piece is about 0.5 inches long

What was Myliobatis dixoni?

Ray fish are still alive today, however Myliobatis dixoni is a prehistoric genus of Eagle Ray fish that lived during the Eocene period. This species could reach a width of about 6 ft. They lived in warm shallow water, though juveniles tended to go out into deeper water while the adults stayed close to the shore.

Their teeth were arranged in the lower and upper jaw in about seven flat tooth plates called "Pavement Teeth." Their mouth plates were great at crushing clam shells & crustaceans.

Each purchase includes a glass top display box stand and an informational card about the fossil.

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