Raptor Tooth on Matrix, Hell Creek

Cretaceous, 68 to 66 MYA
Location: Montana, USA
Formation: Hell Creek

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These raptor teeth were found in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana. Raptors of the Hell creek formation include Dakotaraptor,  Archeroraptor and Paronychodon.

Dinosaurs dropped teeth frequently in a similar fashion to sharks, so these teeth were found alone and not attached to a skull. This makes positive identification difficult, but they can be classified as raptor teeth due to their size, shape, and geographical origin.

"Raptors" are the unofficial name of Dromaeosaurids, a group of small to medium sized carnivorous dinosaurs that had feathers and lived during the Cretaceous. The term "raptor" itself was popularized by Jurassic Park, and has become basically synonymous with Dromaeosaurid.

This tooth measures 10 mm, not including the matrix (rock that holds the fossil)

Dakotaraptor (top) and Archeroraptor (bottom) (Source: wikimedia, 1 & 2)

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