Otodus Shark Tooth Fossil

Eocene, 56 to 33.9 MYA
Location: Morocco

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These teeth come in two sizes: Small (1 to 1.5 inches) and Medium (1.5 to 2 inches). Measurements are taken from the tip of the tooth to the longest tip of the root.

You can also get large Otodus teeth here, and buy them without display cases here!

What were Otodus sharks?

Otodus is not a single species, but rather a genus that includes many different prehistoric mackerel sharks. As one of the top predators of their time, Otodus dined mostly on large boney fish, marine mammals, and even other sharks. Sharks in the genus were typically very large as well—the infamous Otodus megalodon is estimated to have reached up to 52 feet long!

Teeth belonging to sharks of the Otodus genus can be found worldwide, but the phosphate mines of Khouribga, Morocco are especially well known for producing large amounts. The teeth that we offer mostly come from the species Otodus obliquus.

All teeth will be mostly complete, though all have minor chips and restorations.

Each purchase includes a glass top display box and an informational card about the fossil.

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