Turtle Claw, Hell Creek

Cretaceous, 68 to 66 MYA
Location: Wilbaux County Montana, USA
Formation: Hell Creek

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These turtle claw fossils hail from the famed Hell Creek Formation in Wilbaux County Montana, renowned for its rich assemblage of prehistoric treasures. Among the famous dinosaurs we know and love,  turtles also once inhabited the ancient landscape. Including species such as Axestemys and Basilemys.

Fossils of Hell Creek turtles, like these shell claws, are often found in isolation, akin to how sharks shed teeth. While this can pose challenges for definitive identification, certain characteristics such as size, shape, and the geological context of the find point towards their classification.

Turtles of the Hell Creek Formation were diverse and played a significant ecological role during the Late Cretaceous period. These ancient reptiles shared their habitat with iconic dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops, contributing to the intricate web of life in this prehistoric ecosystem.

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