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Each ring is custom made based on your size and specifications—please allow up to three weeks for your order to be handcrafted prior to shipping!

Please note that returns are not accepted for these items, due to their custom made nature.

Contains: T. Rex Tooth, Raptor Tooth, Meteorite

This double-channel ring includes fragments of teeth from two of the most iconic predators of the Mesozoic era: raptors and the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex!

The tooth fragments used in these rings come from fossils that were already broken upon being excavated. They come from the Hell Creek Formation, a fossil-rich area that spans Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming. Due to the broken state of the raptor teeth, it is difficult to say which exact species they may have come from. However, oviraptors, Acheroraptors, and Dakotaraptors are some of the more common variants.

Each of the two channels on the ring contain fragments of a different kind of tooth. Fragments and dust from the Muonionalusta meteorite have also been added to accent the ring, and white glow powder has been inlayed to make this ring glow in the dark!

We offer rings in two materials: Tungsten and Black Ceramic. All are durable, scratch resistant, and hypoallergenic. Please note that size 14 - 15 rings will cost more, due to using more rare materials.

This item is a Fossil Hoard exclusive and is produced in collaboration with Mari Mar Galleria, a Pennsylvania based creator of custom rings! Check out their website here: www.marimargalleria.com.

Each ring includes a box, satin storage pouch, and microfiber cloth.

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