Triceratops Tooth

Cretaceous, 68.0 to 66.0 MYA
Location: Wyoming, USA
Formation: Hell Creek

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These Triceratops teeth are partially complete, and measure about 0.5 inches in length. They were collected on private land in the Lance Formation of Wyoming.

What was Triceratops?

Triceratops are one of the worlds most famous dinosaurs. Triceratops are a member of the ceratopsian dinosaurs that were abundant during the late Cretaceous (68–66 million years ago). They lived in North America and are found in the Lance Formation. Triceratops translates to “three- horned face” due to its three famous horns. Ceratopsians are noteable for their extreme skull diversity. The first specimen of Triceratops was found by Othniel Charles Marsh, and named Triceratops horridus.

Media tends to depict Tyrannosaurus rex fighting and eating Triceratops. But based on defensive injuries found on T. rex bones it seems those Triceratops and their horns could put up a serious fight against even the top predators of the Cretaceous.

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