Titanosaur Egg Shell

Cretaceous, 65.5 MYA
Location: France

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These fossilized Titanosaurid dinosaur egg shell fragments measure approximately 0.25 to 0.5 inches wide, and likely belong to a genus called Megalootithus.

The eggs were likely laid by sauropods, also known as long necked dinosaurs. Titannosaurids were huge—one species in particular, Patagotitan, was estimated to have a body mass of 69 tonnes! These dinosaurs lived in the late Cretaceous period approximately 145.5 million years ago.

These particular egg shell fragments were discovered in Puyloubier, France, a region once lush and teeming with dinosaur activity. The unmistakable pebbled surface of dinosaur eggs evolved to allow for proper airflow in and around the shell, protecting the developing embryo inside.

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