Pterosaur Tooth

Cretaceous, 105 MYA
Location: Morocco
Formation: Kem Kem Beds

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These pterosaur teeth were unearthed in Morocco's Kem-Kem Basin, and are believed to come from the species Coloborhynchus moroccoensis.

Each tooth is unique, and signs of repair should be expected! 

Size: Approximately 2.5 cm

What were pterosaurs?

Pterosaurs were abundant during the Mesozoic, a geological era lasting from about 252 to 66 million years ago. They are known as "flying reptiles" and are part of the order Pterosauria. Though pterosaurs lived among dinosaurs, they were not dinosaurs themselves.

Pterosaurs possessed teeth perfectly suited for catching prey, and they largely ate insects, fish, and other sea creatures. Some pterosaurs were small like modern birds, while others were massive—comparable to the size of modern giraffes!

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