Enchodus Fish Fang

Cretaceous, 112.6 MYA
Location: Morocco

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These fossil teeth come from bony fish known as Enchodus, and were discovered in Morocco. Each fossil is mostly complete and in good condition, though repairs are to be expected!

Size: 1 to 1.5 inches long

What was Enchodus?

Enchodus thrived during the late Cretaceous and persisted into the Eocene. They’re exceptionally famous for their fang-like teeth, even gaining the moniker “sabre-toothed fish of the Cretaceous.” Enchodus fossils are found all over the world, including Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Alabama, Mississippi and a few other states in the US. Some of the largest Enchodus species had fangs measuring over 6cm (2.4 in).

Enchodus were predators, but could also find themselves on the wrong side of the food chain—they made the perfect snack for other predators like sharks, mosasaurs, and other bony fish.

These fish were around for the massive KT extinction event that took out the non-avian dinosaurs, and even survived as a species for several million more years before finally going extinct in the late Eocene.

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