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Tektites are natural glass objects that originate from debris launched into the air during meteorite impacts. These intriguing and relatively rare specimens are found worldwide, with notable occurrences in Australia, Central Europe, the Ivory Coast, and Southeast Asia. Ranging in color from black or dark brown to green or gray, tektites exhibit a variety of shapes and surface features. 

To better understand tektite formation, imagine a meteorite crashing into the Earth at an incredibly high speed. The force of this impact generates immense heat and pressure, causing nearby rocks to melt. This molten material is then hurled into the atmosphere, where it cools down and solidifies rapidly. As these newly-formed glass objects fall back to Earth, they create tektites. These fascinating relics offer us a glimpse into Earth's geological past, the behavior of meteorite impacts, and the intricate processes that sculpt our planet's surface.


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