Carcharodontosaurus Tooth

Cretaceous, 100.5 to 66.0 MYA
Location: Morocco
Formation: Kem Kem Beds

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These teeth come from Carcharodontosaurus, a theropod dinosaur similar to Tyrannosaurus rex. They are in great condition, and still feature the small serrations along their edges that would have helped the carnivorous dinosaur dig into its prey.

Each tooth is unique, and signs of repair should be expected! 

Size: Approximately 1.5 to 2 inches long

What was Carcharodontosaurus?

Carcharodontosaurus were theropod dinosaurs that lived about 90 million years ago in what is now Africa. They were fearsome predators and rivaled other tyrannosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex, Giganotosaurus, and Spinosaurus in size. The name Carcharodontosaurus translates to "shark toothed reptile."

Originally discovered in 1914 and described in 1924, the remains were later looked at by famous paleontologist Ernst Stromer who erected a new genus for the species called "Carcharodontosaurus" due to their resemblance to Great white shark teeth.

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