Atlasaurus Bone Slice

Jurassic, 167.7 to 164.7 MYA
Location: Morocco

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These bone slices come from a sauropod dinosaur known as Atlasaurus, and were unearthed in Morocco. The way in which these pieces were cut exposes the beautiful porous structure of the original bone!

Size: Approximately 1/4 inch thick and 2 - 3 inches long

What was Atlasaurus?

Atlasaurus lived during the middle Jurassic period, approximately 167.7 to 164.7 million years ago. It was a sauropod dinosaur, which are more commonly called "long neck dinosaurs" and were among the largest dinosaurs to exist. Sauropods thrived during the Jurassic, and mostly ate conifers, seed ferns, and cycads.

Atlasaurus were extremely closely related to the more famous Brachiosaurus, though Atlasaurus have relatively larger skulls, shorter necks, and more elongated legs.

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