Where do fossils come from?

Fossils can be found just about everywhere! So why do some places have dinosaurs, while others don't?

Fossils are found in what are known as geological outcrops. These outcrops are dated to specific geological times using a variety of dating methods.

Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, so some outcrops yield much younger fossils like those from the ice age, while others yield older fossils like those from the time of dinosaurs. 

To find fossils, paleontologists study maps and take record of high yielding areas. When paleontologists find good spots to look for fossils they create dig sites and quarries where they systematically look for fossils.

When paleontologists want to study specific animals, they look for outcrops dated to times they’re interested in learning about. Laws for fossil collection vary widely across states and across country borders, so before fossil hunting on your own make sure to brush up on the local laws and regulations!

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