Medium Megalodon Tooth, 90% Complete, 3.7" long

Miocene, 23 to 3.6 MYA
Location: Southeastern U.S.

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This listing is for the EXACT TOOTH shown in the photos above! The measurement given was taken diagonally, from root to tip.

This Megalodon tooth was found at the bottom of a river or ocean in the southeastern United States, where years of erosion caused by currents slowly exposed the fossil. Though this tooth has been partially cleaned, no restoration work has been done—it looks almost exactly as it did naturally when it was pulled out of the water!

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

What was Megalodon?

Megalodon were ancient sharks that lived 23 to 9 million years ago during the Miocene epoch. With maximum length estimates of 67 feet, they were easily the world's biggest sharks. Megalodon ruled the seas with their highly adapted jaws and teeth, perfect for catching prey. They also shed their teeth periodically, so that they would always have sharp ones to catch their dinner with. After each bite, the teeth were put under incredible force—many broke or experienced damage as a result. This is why most megalodon teeth that are found are discovered in a broken state. Because a single Megalodon could shed thousands of teeth in its lifetime, Megalodon teeth are a fairly common fossil today.

Megalodon teeth were perfect for fossilization due to their density and popularity. However, the rest of megalodon in life were made up of mostly cartilage and flesh, which are not great at fossilizing. As a result, not much is definitively known about what megalodon actually looked like—therefore, most size estimates come from comparisons of full Megalodon teeth and modern relatives to megalodon.

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