Nanotyrannus Tooth, 25 mm long

Cretaceous, 68-66 MYA
Location: WIlbaux County, Montana
Formation: Hell Creek

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This listing is for the EXACT TOOTH shown in the photos above! It measures 25 mm  from end to end.

This genuine Nanotyrannus tooth holds a key role in a captivating scientific debate surrounding the Tyrannosauridae family. A relic from the Late Cretaceous Hell Creek formation found in Wilxaux County Montana, it invites us to question our understanding of these ancient predators.

Nanotyrannus has long been a subject of controversy in paleontology. Is it a distinct species or merely a juvenile form of the renowned Tyrannosaurus rex? The debate has raged on, with researchers examining dinosaur growth rates and morphology for clues. Jane the most famous nanotyrannus specimen seems to be a 15 year old juvenile tyrannosaurus rex. But, the strange tooth shape differences do seem to lend credence to the idea that these teeth are separate from tyrannosaurus rex. 

This listing is for the exact tooth shown above. Display case is included!

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