Spinosaurus Tooth

Cretaceous, 112 to 93.5 MYA
Location: Morocco
Formation: Kem Kem Beds

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The semi-aquatic Spinosaurus was an absolutely massive dinosaur. Measuring between 41 to 59 feet long (12.6 to 18 meters), it beat out most other carnivores of the Cretaceous Period—even Tyrannosaurus rex. It was an adaptive hunter as well, likely hunting prey both on land and in the water.

For Spinosaurus, it's teeth were one of it's most important assets—now, 95 million years later, you can get your own!

Our fossilized teeth were discovered in modern day Morocco, in the former prehistoric river system now known as the Kem Kem Beds. Spinosaurus teeth are characterized by being straight and conical, without serrations. They come in two sizes: Small (0.7 to 1.2 inches long) and Medium (1.3 to 2.0 inches long), and may have minor repairs to preserve the specimen. 

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